Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm looking for a patriotic bumper sticker. What would you suggest?

A: Well, you could hardly go wrong by purchasing an American flag bumper sticker! Also, don't forget your Support Our Troops bumper sticker, and, if you support Bush, a pro-Bush bumper sticker.

Q: I don't believe in the war, but I do appreciate the hard work of our troops. Is a Support Our Troops bumper sticker hypocritical?

A: No, absolutely not. Your stance is common, and while there are special bumper stickers to express just such a position, it is also well enough that you simply use a Support Our Troops bumper sticker.

Q: I want to send out a message of universal love and understanding. Any hot tips?

A: Sure. There are many spiritual bumper stickers, religious bumper stickers, coexist bumper stickers, and transcendental bumper stickers to express just that. In addition, you might try to make your own bumper stickers and say what you want, how you want.

Q: Are there wholesale bumper stickers available?

A: Oh yes. There are many wholesale bumper sticker distributors, most likely in your area. They will have prefab bumper stickers as well as templates for your own personalized bumper stickers.

Q: Are there state specific bumper stickers?

A: Yes, of course. For instance, if you're from Texas, you might drive around with a popular Texas bumper sticker.

Q: My band wants to have bumper stickers to hand out. Any sweet tips?

A: Sure thing. You can buy personalized bumper stickers wholesale. These can be cheap bumper stickers, great for a young band just starting out. Even better, sometimes, is to make your own bumper stickers. There are books and websites that will explain processes, and kits to help you do it. Rock on, friend. Rock on.